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Introducing our newest laser! Alma's Femilift provides a wonderful treatment that will help thicken vaginal lining, decrease dryness and reduce irritation. This treatment is popular among our clients:

  • During Menopause;

  • Who have recently had a baby;

  • Who have had cancer; and

  • Who are no longer able to take estrogen.


The Femilift also thickens the ceiling wall/floor of the bladder helping to decrease incontinence dramatically. 


Contact our staff to learn more about this technology's painless ground breaking results!


Millions of women suffer from vaginal irregularities and structural changes due to childbirth, age,
or a variety of other reasons that diminish their confidence and self-esteem. Knowingly or unknowingly, this may put a strain on marital relations. Embarrassed, frustrated, and sad, they
are often too uncomfortable to speak up.

Introducing FemiLift: Clinical solutions for feminine health. FemiLift is a breakthrough
technology using an Alma CO2 laser that revascularizes the vaginal lining, creating better
lubrication, thickness of the lining, and decreasing incontinence. It is a quick and virtually
painless procedure that is done in a series of three treatments with a follow up at 6 months for
best results.

Schedule your consultation in person or over the phone and see if you are eligible for this
cutting edge treatment that can provide help for vaginal conditions that affect ones lifestyle and



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