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close-up. microneedle RF lifting procedu

Radio Frequency Microneedling provides results similar to more aggressive treatments but with less discomfort and healing time. It provides fast, dramatic reliable results with reduced downtime.
Microscopic bursts of electromagnetic RF energy pass to the skin surface and the microneedles on the tip perforate and cause a controlled wound and depth into the dermis layer of the skin, minimizing surrounding tissue damage. This improves results and reduces patient downtime. (3-5 days of redness and swelling opposed to 10-14). As the body tries to heal the wound,
fibroblasts start to produce collagen and elastin and resurface your skin with new epithelial cells.
The best part is that it is not light based so it can be used safely on any color of skin.

Vivace-RF Microneedling
2 hr
RF Pixel
2 hr


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