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Microneedling PIN


Is a relatively new treatment option in skincare. it treats a broad range of application including skin rejuvenation, acne scarring, wrinkles, surgical scars, stretch marks, hyper and hypopigmented lesions, melanoma, enlarged pores, and transdermal drug delivery (meaning ability
to get products underneath the epidermis and into the dermal layer of the skin). Microneedling is a safe and minimally invasive and effective esthetic treatment. Given its fast post treatment recovery, limited side effect profile, and significant clinical results, microneedling
is a valuable alternative to more invasive procedures such as laser skin resurfacing and deep chemical peeling.

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Adding serums with Deep Impact ultrasound technology boosts healing and new skin growth for tighter, brighter, younger looking skin. Price varies on serum used.
Microneedling Deep
1 hr
Microneedling + Stem Cell Serum
2 hr
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